Handheld Explosive Detection Device

  • HEDD1 is an active device. It creates a Modulated Magnetic Field (MMF)
  • The power source of HEDD1 is a 1,55V / 29mAh battery type SR626SW. It provides DC power with maximum consumption less than 1 µW (micro Watt)
  • The device emits no RF signals, but creates an MMF
  • Lifespan of the internal container is 2 years
  • HEDD1 is not affected by any ECM interfering signal, temperature or contaminated surroundings
  • Length: 130 mm | Height: 48 mm | Width: 30 mm | Weight: 276 g
  • Operational temperature: -20°C – +65°C
  • Wind: up to 1m/s