Handheld Explosive Detection Device

  • HEDD1 detects all types of commercial, military and improvised explosives, such as TNT, Dynamite, Ammonite, PETN, RDX, C4, Semtex, Gunpowder, and others
  • HEDD1 technology is specifically tuned for the bond energy of -NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide), -NO3 (Nitrate), -O- (Oxygen) and H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide)
  • Therefore, HEDD1 can also detect firearms and all types of ammunition
  • Furthermore, HEDD1 can detect liquid explosives (e. g. TAP, TATP)
  • Highly advanced and classified military explosives do not necessarily contain the mentioned chemical components; However, HEDD1 detects the detonators and fuses, which contain such components